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Dr Malla Rao’s visit to the Uganda Schistosomiasis Research Centre at the UVRI

In January 2024, we were privileged to host Dr Rao Malla, the program officer for NIH-funded Uganda Schistosomiasis Research Centre(U-SMRC) at the Uga...

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nagoya protocol

Understanding the process for obtaining Nagoya protocol approval in Uganda: an engagement with the Uganda National Council of Science and Technology

Are you a researcher or a research team wondering if you will need the Nagoya protocol approval to transfer genetic samples outside Uganda for whateve...

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A glimpse into the heart of biomedical research: participant recruitment on the shores of Lake Albert

As an Immunology Masters student eager to delve into the world of biomedical research and public health, I recently started my yearlong work placement...

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The Uganda Schistosomiasis Multi-Disciplinary Research Center (U-SMRC) maps households in Buhuka

A perspective of a project officer In the pursuit of our second phase, after having pinpointed the communities to engage with, the next crucial stride...

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PhD Fellows and staff Receive Essential Training

PhD Fellows and staff Receive Essential Training on Good Clinical Practice, Good Clinical Laboratory Practice and General Data Protection Regulation C...

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Unravelling the Thrilling Tale of Schistosomiasis in Uganda’s Magnificent Great Lakes

  The Schistosomiasis Center based at the Uganda Virus Research Institute is setting out to discover why schistosomiasis disease commonly known a...

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