The Makerere University - Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) research training programme in Infection and Immunity (MUII) is a strategic initiative, designed to establish a centre of excellence for Infection and Immunity research in Uganda. It builds on the relative strengths of these two institutions in tertiary education and health research, and upon strong regional and international collaborations which provide a world-class research training platform. The programme has so far received funding for two phases. The combined objectives of these phases have been as follows:

1. Partnership. In phase 1 we aimed to establish a vibrant partnership between Makerere University - one of the leading institutions for tertiary education in the region - and the Uganda Virus Research Institute - one of the leading research centres. In phase 2 we extended the partnership to other interested, local stakeholders.

2. Research Training Programme. We aimed to initiate a Makerere University - UVRI Research Training Programme in Infection and Immunity that would produce Ugandan and East African scientists capable of competing for sustainable research funding in the eld. As a key component of our training programme, we aimed to provide access to world-class science, ensuring opportunities for bright young Ugandans to interact directly with leading African and international scientists.

3. A supportive, sustainable and up-to-date research and training environment. Working within UVRI and Makerere, we aimed to develop human and infrastructural resources designed to support research and training excellence within the Makerere - UVRI partnership in the long term.