Internships are short term placements aimed at enabling students meet their educational institutional requirements for the award of their degrees, diplomas and or certificates. Internships are also to attract bright young people into research, and to support them to develop their careers and to produce excellent and useful results. These are co-ordinated by the UVRI Training Committee and supported by the Training Administrator(s).

Over 300 applications are received every year. We aim to recruit 100 interns per year for placements both for under- and post-graduate levels.  Initial placement is for 3 months but can be extended to 6 months.

Persons with disability Internship programme

MUII-Plus supports two new graduate persons with disabilities  per year, each for six months: in 2018 we took on one with low-sight vision in administration; a deaf and dumb; and one with physical impairment in counselling. The latter has recently been given a job at CoRSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Uganda) – a specialised hospital for people with disabilities.

Strategic Internship

MUII-Plus also supports strategic interns in areas of special interest (bioinformatics; ethics): in 2018, five such interns completed of whom three went on to Masters courses, 2 at Hasselt in Belgium (one in statistics, one in Bioinformatics) and one at the University of Witwatersrand (a Master’s degree by research in bioinformatics). We took on 5 more who are preparing to apply for regional and international master scholarships.

MUII-Plus Internship Trend 2008 – 2018


  • School leavers
  • Undergraduates and new graduates
  • National and international students

Other opportunities:

  • Affirmative action- internship for persons with disabilities
  • Strategic internship


Internship in-takes - Targeting the Undergraduates

1Deadline- receiving applications- June to August in-take 
4Inform selected studentsApril
6Abstract sendJuly
7Abstract review- CommitteeJuly
8Feedback to studentsAugust
9Oral presentations submittedAugust
10Oral presentations/certificationAugust


  • Career progression - Ronald Galiwango who was an intern, won the annual internship prize. He undertook an extended strategic internship and was awarded a commonwealth fellowship to undertake a Master’s degree in Cambridge, UK. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Georgia, USA
  • Employment opportunities – after internship, interns are able to compete for employment both at UVRI and outside UVRI
  • Numbers – over 100 interns are placed every year
  • Expanding the Internship programme to include affirmative action to enable new graduates with disabilities to initiate a career in science and research support. In 2018, we had 3 PWD-interns were taken on; 1 physical impairment (F), 1 hearing (M) and 1 low vision (M)

Interns Testimonies

Application forms

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