In association with the LSHTM and Cambridge University, this Programme was initiated to help East Africans pursue a research career in Infection and Immunity, focussing on endemic diseases of the region. There is a huge infectious disease burden in sub-Saharan Africa, and a real shortage of highly trained East Africans available to tackle and help solve the problems faced in overcoming this challenge.

MUII was set up to help train local people to tackle local diseases. Founded on a collaboration between Makerere University and the Uganda Virus Research Institute, the programme works with regional research centres and leading international Universities to ensure excellence in collaborative training activities including short courses, research attachments and research fellowships.

Opportunities for research experience range from secondary school to post-doctoral level and cover a wide range of projects, skills and expertise. Young people are introduced to excellent science through Open Days, undergraduate internships and Masters project attachments. A competitive scheme of PhD and post-doctoral fellowships also offers an attractive academic career path to high-calibre Ugandan and East African scientists.

Our goal is to help develop a critical mass of research expertise across the region.