About the Mentorship Programme


In February 2018, the mentorship impi was launched and awarded endeavour awards to facilitate the revival of and formerly commission the MUII mentorship programme. This was an action item that was suggested at the mentorship workshop held as a collaboration between MUII and the UVRI/MRC and LSHTM unit on the 15th of November 2017.

The programme was successfully re-launched at the MUII Plus annual general meeting that was held on the 7th February 2018. A team of five MUII members was selected to spearhead the new MUII mentorship program. The team is led by Dr Irene Andia Biraro and consists of Dr Brenda Okech, Dr Ann Wajja, Ms. Emmanuella Dricuru and Dr Charles Kato Drago.

The impi carried out a programme baseline survey that will help inform the team on the design, implementation strategies, and monitoring and evaluation learning activities. The study is in progress and results from the study will be published in a scientific journal.

For the 2019 MUII AGM, the centre with help from Dr Irene Biraro, allocated time on the programme for targeted mentorship. The sessions were between MUII fellows and senior scientists. We hope that mentorship will provide the needed advice to propel our early to mid-level scientists to progress professionally to a truly internationally competitive level.

We believe in the GROW Model of mentorship for all the fellows and alumni at all levels.

To inspire build transform careers of Uganda Scientists to the highest heights

To serve as an exemplary mentorship model for others to benchmark

Stages of Formal Mentoring Relationships

Mentorship is a relationship between a ROLE MODEL (mentor) and an ASPIRING FELLOW (mentee). This relationship is finite for one year and can be renewed as deemed fit. It has rolling stages:
• Stage One: Build the relationship
• Stage Two: Set objectives, tasks, career development plans and mentoring time frame
• Stage Three: Implement set objectives and activities
• Stage Four: End the mentoring relationship and reflect on you past experience to guide your plans for the next phase of your career

To be apart of this Exciting Mentorship Programme, Please send an email to: muiiplusmentorship2018@gmail.com