The Immunology Impi is a collection of MSc and PhD students, along with postdoctoral fellows, assistant, associate and full Professors.  The Impi has particular strengths in the immunology of TB, HIV and helminth infections, although there is also immunological work going on within the Impi on malaria and a number of other human and veterinary diseases.

The Impi is an open forum where expertise can be sought for any given project, from MSc project right up to full international Fellowship or Project proposal.  Our aim is to help bring through the next generation of young, bright and enthusiastic Ugandan scientist to become the next leader in their chosen field.

Too numerous to mention.

PhD projects on TB, HIV and helminth infections predominate, but other projects are also within the Impi expertise.

Postdoctoral fellowships on TB and diabetes, cryptococcal meningitis, mycobacterium tuberculosis among many others.

We offer advice and mentorship to anyone with an interest in Immunology and infectious disease.

Key Staff
Stephen Cose
David Kateete
Bernard Bagaya

Immunology in the Tropics course
December 3rd – December 14th

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